YEAH! English Magazine is an online presence and print magazine distributed in Ireland. Our target distribution points are found in English language Colleges, Institutes of Higher Education, Universities, International Embassies and Educational Agencies. Our printed version reaches over 80 distribution points.

International Students generate almost 1 billion euros a year into the local Irish economy. We must keep this sector informed of the latest news – as often as we can in in their own language.

Be part of our team of journalists.

Are you enthusiastic? Whether or not you meet the journalism criteria, we invite you to join us to tell your story.

Our journalists and contributors look at the issues affecting international students. Your article can be translated into English and you’ll receive feedback from us.

Send your pitch to our editor Richard Gibney or to our magazine director Raffa Abarca.

Rich-editor Yeah! English

Rich-editor Yeah! English





Contributors around the world

ISVMagazine “USA”

Jose Antonio Sierra  “Spain”

Jeranjie  Kamfose “South Africa”

Infinity Campus “India”

Silvia Bernal “Bolivia”

Ian Callagy “Ireland”

Sofia Sunden “UK”

Lidya Bigley “Ireland “

Monica Manzzi ” Uruguay-Ireland”

Aldy Coelho “Brasil”