The African Students Association of Ireland (ASAI) recently held a Workshop to share the various experiences of students, and former students, regarding the writing of thesis’ and dissertations. A number of eminent African and non African PhD graduates exchanged their knowledge at the Workshop. Some of those who spoke included: Niuscha Ansari (Graduate from TCD with an MBA in Business), Dr. Anna John (Dublin City University) and Firminus Mugaya (currently pursuing a PhD in DCU).

All the speakers were knowledgeable, engaging and passionate in what they had to say. Ms Ansari, who is of Iranian/German descent, has considerable international experience and is currently based in Dublin. Her expertise is project and client management/business development for large scale and complex engineering projects.

Dr. John shared her experience with the Workshop. Her background is in marketing research. She is a visiting researcher in the management group and is an adjunct lecturer in the marketing group at the DCU Business School. Dr. John spoke of what it was like writing a PhD in Consumer Behaviour, which was quite informative. She told the Workshop of the research she undertook to complete her thesis. She also talked about her Doctoral thesis entitled, “The Impact of Consumer Ethnocentrism Tendencies on Buyers’ Evaluations of the Quality of South African Packaged and Non-Packaged Consumables in Mozambique”.

Another academic who spoke at the Workshop was Mr Mugaya. He is currently studying at DCU and shared a few tips with those present. He also spoke of the importance of building the Supervisor’s interest on the topic of his dissertation, in this case Community Development in Uganda. After the presentations a question and answer session was allowed. One of the most frequently asked questions was the time management issue i.e. how to meet deadlines. Attendees were referred to the advantages of being self driven. Another topic discussed during this session was the importance of proof reading.

About 15 people attended this first Workshop. Many wanted to attend but couldn’t due to the bad weather on the day. The ASAI was founded in 2010 to provide a platform for African students and graduates in Ireland. It sets out to celebrate African culture and supports international socio-economic development.

By Miren Maialen



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