Seána comes from Ireland but lives in Spain, teaching yoga. You can like her Facebook page here. She recently had a chat with Yeah about her experiences in Spain and what led her to become a yoga instructor.Seana1

What inspired you to start yoga?

I was living in Amsterdam with a night job in a bar and I had a lot of time in the day and started training at home. I came across yoga videos on YouTube and enjoyed seeing my progression and it became a passion from there. Then I started to attend classes and since my first real yoga class I have wanted to be a yoga teacher and now I teach everyday and I love what I do. 
Have you noticed any cultural differences between Irish and Spanish?
Yes absolutely! I feel like the weather has a lot to do with it 😂 !!!
The Spanish are very laid back and they don’t rush to get places or things done and it’s a very chilled environment always. The Irish are very much living for the weekend and they count their days away and I feel the Spanish live more in the moment and are just more carefree in general.
Is yoga as popular in Spain as it is in Ireland?
Not yet! It’s on the rise here and every year getting bigger and better so it’s exciting! Same as vegan / vegetarianism over here is slowly getting better!
What are your clients like?
All of my students are expats and mostly English, Irish or Scandinavian! I love them all and learn from them in different ways! And I love that people from all kinds of backgrounds enjoy my class and are giving themselves the gift of yoga.

You can join Seána for her yoga classes on Facebook Live. Like her page here.