Review by Terri Starr

It is funny, entertaining, and informative about animal behavior and the vet experience. It brings together nature and humanity in a unique and contemporary fashion, providing heartwarming insight into the lives of our animal friends. What are we talking about? Austin Donnelly’s book about the life of a vet.

Any student who seeks a career working with animals ought to consider reading this book from the pen of the up-and-coming author. Donnelly travels from Ireland to far-flung Australia and New Zealand, where he learns about the indigenous animals there.

Visiting a goat farm, he encounters people who are progressive in many ways, not least in farming techniques. He also meets a marijuana enthusiast who almost gets herself into a heap of trouble. Back home in Ireland, we meet a postman who keeps a nest of chicks in the glove compartment of his van. Each of Donnelly’s many encounters throughout this heartwarming tome is engaging and entertaining. Whiskers, Feathers and Fur is available at Amazon and elsewhere.