We bumped into Helen Lowe in Adare, Limerick, where her pieces are on display at Draíocht Gallery. Her work is available here. She chats about one of these pieces below.

29750451_10156313112576983_1391863879_n“The painting is set around the end of a hunt at Bunratty Castle, Co.Clare. The fox got away and the riders look tired after all their best efforts. The breaking evening light on the left hand side brings balance to the day showing that beauty is all around us if we just stop and look.”

“The idea of the painting came when I wanted to explore the concept of what is important in our lives. The setting of this concept had to be two extremes, a failed hunt event and stunning natural beauty. The hunt had galloped all afternoon at a frenzied pace, jumping ditches and stone walls without care to life or limb just to bag their prize. The group gathers outside Bunratty Castle the location of so many historic battles in our past, they feel dejected and disappointed without their trophy. The setting sun breaks though the cloud giving them a reality check, that it is not the result but the journey we take that is important.”

The painting is a watercolour on 140lbs cotton paper, acid free mount, hand painted frame and artist quality transparent pigments. You can buy Helen’s work at Quin Art Shop.