Andrew established Draíocht Gallery in Adare in 2009 to showcase the work of contemporary Irish artists and more recently art classes in the area. The exhibit space contains art and sculptures from Irish artists (or artists living here). He provides classes four times a week, and also hosts professional artist tutoring for individuals and groups in local hotels in the area. Draíocht, Irish for magic, is a suitable name for the gallery, tucked away just off the main street of the town. Many of the pieces available or on show are from some big-name or up-and-coming artists.
James Brohan paintings at Draíocht Gallery are prominently on display. Another artist, Charlie Harper, is a member of Aosdána and of the RHA (Royal Hibernian Academy). A retrospective of his work, much of which is characterised by a compartmentalising style that has echoes of his Existentialist style, is taking place at the RHA. There are a number of other critically lauded works by artists occupying the space.
Three local sisters, the Barretts, display a keen talent in painting and sculpture. Infamously home-schooled some


A Louise Barrett painting at Draiocht Gallery

three decades ago, making national news in Ireland – when the idea of education in the family house was tantamount to sacrilege – the siblings developed into artists, effectively becoming visual media’s answer to the Brontes in the region. Ailbhe Barret (printmaking and landscape), Louise Barrett (portrait, figurative and landscape) and Ester Barrett (sculpture and figurative painting) can be found at