Get your smartphones and iPads primed for Kevin Bateman’s next Periscoped event. The surrealist poet invites his fellow spoken-word artists to participate in livestreamed performances that have taken him – thusfar – as far as Scotland, and to London, where he was nominated for an award. He has held events across the island of Ireland in the last two years, usually in places of historical, cultural or sacred importance.

You can tune in live on the Periscope app (or at the Periscope site) on the 17th February 2018, live @ 2pm.

Bateman keeps tightlipped about the bill until the day of the show.

“I will not tell you who is performing

It is a secret

We have forgotten

What it is to feel

Intrigued”, he writes coyly over email – in a form of what may be verse. Bateman is gregarious in person. Talking on the phone, he gave a little background to the latest location.

“I had been looking for this location for ten years. I heard about it from old people in a nursing home on Parnell Square, and I fell in love with this story that was about old Dublin, people from the 1920s and 30s and a meeting spot in the Phoenix Park. These people in the nursing home had Alzheimer’s and they were reminiscing about the past. It was their favourite memory. But today, no one goes to it. It’s not even advertised on the Phoenix Park website. I’ve been looking for it for many years. The Phoenix Park is a massive place. Then a few weeks ago, I discovered it on Google Maps and I went looking for it.

It is astounding. Obviously it looks different now than it did decades ago. It is a beautiful location.

It was a place of congregation and very important to the people of Dublin. But it’s undocumented and that history is forgotten. There were dolmens – four of them originally, but apparently three were destroyed or stolen. It’s a sacred site and a place of love. It’s completely forgotten and just sitting there. You’d think it’s easy to find. It’s small but it’s amazing. I want to highlight it as a place of worship, of love.”

The most talented artists, Bateman says, will be performing at Knockmaree Dolmen. More details are at You can tune in here. Follow Kevin Bateman on Twitter.