New York-based punk rock outfit Bad Mary took a few question from us. Currently crowdfunding via their website and youtube channel, they are also kept busy performing both at home and overseas, entering contests to go on major tours, and doing whatever else it is that bands do!

An email was returned from bassist and vocalist Mike Staub, with responses to our questions:

Amanda’s voice – for a punk band she has a really clear and crisp tone as showcased particularly well in what appears to be a superb “Grease musical” parody – I Wanna Guy. Where does she get her range from, and what are her influences?

Amanda grew up listening to the rock and roll music of her parents’ generation. She grew up on bands like the Beatles and great 1960s pop tunes. That’s where some of her style comes from. Most BadMary1importantly is Amanda’s experience in musical theater. It has trained her to use her voice healthily and push that kind of sound. She can do a lot of great things with her voice, all due to the work she has put in and the music she listened to. She loves all kinds of music, from rock and roll, to showtunes, to punk, and pop. It’s a a wonderful mixed bag that creates a unique sound for Bad Mary.

And Mike has a unique voice too, very high but not quite falsetto. Where did he get that style from? Is it (sort of) ska? 

Mike grew up listening to a lot of punk rock and 1980s heavy metal. So there are some different influences in there. He loves punk rock, but greatly cares about the quality of his vocals so he leans towards bands like Green Day, who feature strong vocals without sacrifice for quality. He’s also a big fan of Freddie Mercury and Bruce Dickinson, who have definitely influenced his vocal style.

What about onstage nerves? And does anyone get so anxious that they get snappy and snippy?

We all can sometimes have butterflies or have one of “those” days. We’re pretty used to performing now, so we don’t get too nervous before we hit the stage. As for getting annoyed…Mike tends to believe that he plays his best shows angry, so there’s always that.

You were promoting your videos as part of a contest to get on a big tour. Did you get on?

We unfortunately did not. It seems like the entire contest was a bit of a work. We put a lot of time into it, and the band chosen was much lower on the list than we were. We’re not really sure what happened there.

Where did you get the name Bad Mary?

After months of deliberation, we got Bad Mary randomly from David’s brain. We wanted something catchy, recognizable, and easy to understand.

Who writes the songs? And what’s your fave song to cover?

We write songs two ways. David writes a song or Mike/Amanda write a song. They then bring them to rehearsal and we all add our flavors. It’s in rehearsal where Bill adds his magic on drums as we play through the songs and make changes. Our favorite covers are Next to You by the Police, All Day and All of the Night, by the Kinks, and pretty much anything by Blondie.

Thanks so much for your time!

Bad Mary are crowdfunding through their own website so everything people support us with goes to the band – a crowdfunding platform takes no percentage! Links:

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