Learn International develop accessible and immersive courses for international students to come and study in Ireland. We sat down with some students from the US who are attending Dublin City University International Summer School to discuss culture and education.

Cesar Miranda hails from Mexico, and studies at the University of New Mexico, reading a triple major in Communication and Journalism, Spanish and Business Administration.

What are the differences between here and the US?

I’ve studied in many places around the world, and I’ve seen many different cultures. In South America, there is more of a loving culture. The European ones are a whole different culture. Just being here in Ireland we have a lot of business professionals. It’s not an American culture where things are restricted and time is everything. Here, you have fun, you’re more laid back and you “live” while you’re doing business. I think that’s an outstanding culture.

Family-wise – in Mexico, and I am Mexican myself, we’re about having our families together. Mexicans don’t like to separate from their communities. It’s harder to leave your family because family is everything.

untitledI found South America to be the same. It’s more of a connecting culture. Once you meet your friends in Latin America, it’s a different connection.

Culture in the States, it’s more restricted. I find people express care for you in Ireland. It’s not just about business, or talking about one specific thing. People show an interest in you in Ireland, and want to know you beyond business, and that’s really nice.

What about the courses you’re taking here?

Well, I have one term done in my Master’s degree in Business Policy. So the classes I’m taking here relate to my interests. I’m taking Innovation, learning about Irish business. I am an entrepreneur myself and I think that helps me expand my mentality and future plans. I’m also taking Irish policy and history. That gives me a feel of how politics are working and the different ways that businesses work within policy.

And you talk about business culture here being more free-wheeling, more carefree – is that accurate?

You don’t have corporations in the States where everyone knows each other. In Colour Trend, which is a company we went to here, everyone knew each other, they knew each other’s strategy and I think that’s why the CEO is so successful.

People here open up a bit more too, when they’re trying to help students. The international program here allows us to go out and experience and see the history, and visit corporations like Twiiter3Colour Trend.

We were able to speak to the CEO of Colour Trend.

That’s the beauty of this Learn International course. We wouldn’t be able to talk to a CEO in the States. The experience I gained here – learning about how a business starts and develops – that’s a good opportunity.

You have a culture too where everybody is sustainable as one family. Elsewhere, it’s more about policy. In an Irish company, the employees know the CEO’s mentality, and I think that’s why these companies are successful.

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