Yeah! contributor Beronica Garcia is from Peru.

We celebrate our national day every July the 28th to commemorate our independence from the colonial crown, which was proclaimed by Don José de San Martin in 1821.  Cuzco – today situated in Peru – was the capital of the Inca Empire, reached by the Spaniards at the early 1500s.  The process of colonization lasted for about lasted for about 40 years bringing with it many socio-cultural, political and economical changes that transformed completely Peru’s history and other areas in South America.

Therefore, the 28th of July of each year people display their national flag very prominently to remember that very crucial day where natives Peruvians and mestizos were liberated from the Spanish yoke.

Larysia Woropay works in the telecommunications sector in Canada. She writes poetry, fiction and a blog.

LarysiaJuly 1, 1867 united the then-colonies of Canada into the county it is today. Celebrated in the heat of summer, Canada Day is a holiday everyone is able to head outside to enjoy with friends and family. Besides the standard fare of bush parties and barbeques with brew, every city in the country hosts family-friendly events, with the night finishing off in stellar fireworks. It’s a holiday that even today proves to unite people of different backgrounds as we all celebrate the joy of being citizens of our great nation, Canada.