A group of students at UCD are seeking the support of their alumni. UCD Champions volunteer their time to call former students who attended and earned degrees at the Belfield, Blackrock and Earlsfort Terrace campuses.

The students simply ask for patronage over the phone. These volunteers are looking for donations to help put the current crop of students through university. The pernicious economic realities of the last decade and cutbacks in healthcare (which has turned young people into carers rather than students) are two of many reasons cited for the funding initiative.

As everyone in Dublin is aware, the costs associated with accommodation are prohibitive for full-time workers – and the financial difficulties are worse for those who need to study and can only work part time. Those with parents or family outside of Dublin often cannot afford the costs of staying near UCD without assistance that goes beyond the grants from the state-run SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland).

Last year, UCD increased the number of scholarships it awarded to deserving students from 74 to 102. But more than half of those eligible couldn’t get a scholarship due to lack of funding. UCD Champions are addressing the frustrations of having to drop out before qualifying because of a simple lack of resources for materials or living expenses. If you want to pledge your support, you can do so from here.

Many thanks to UCD Champions Student Caller Michelle for letting us know about this funding initiative.