The Film-Making Philosophy of Paul TT Easter

Paul TT Easter is a British film-maker who started out as an actor in such tv series as the BBC’s Lovejoy. He has completed and released nine micro budget films in a number of genres. Regarded by critics as an outsider artist and an auteur – often in the same film review – Easter’s action-horror films could be viewed as inspired madness. He cites other film makers, such as Nicolas Roeg, as inspirations.

Easter on reaching goals, such as getting investment for his latest projects:

I always saw it as better to work with what I had and put everything to good use – with every resource available to me – than to do nothing. In all fairness I would still have been looking for funding to shoot one film, my first film, but now I’ve released a number of no-budget movies and only now have I been taken seriously for shooting a feature film for British Television broadcast. This is very much what I was aiming for!

On upcycling (his own) old material and on being prolific:

I covered all film genres possible between 2012 and 2014, from Horror to Drama to Comedy on zero/micro easterbudgets, which was great fun. However recently I have been re-writing two movies that I now plan to complete with working budgets in place. I’m now going to produce higher production-value features, so of course this means gone are the days of releasing four features a year!

On shooting in rural Suffolk, which Easter uses to good advantage, for example in performing car stunts, and on environmentalism and the reintroduction of wildlife:

Last year I turned down Game of Thrones [to shoot in Suffolk] and I can say when it’s sunny I love filming here, along the coastline. I’d love nothing more than to see the lynx [wildcat] back here in the UK! Seeing one would make my day. Farmers are talking like old ladies oh our piglets and lambs. The lynx and eagles were here first. Man took their environment and wiped them out .We should do everything possible to bring them back; they have as much right to be here as we do.

On what he thinks about his own movies:

I think my own films are awesome, outspoken, hard-hitting, no-punches-pulled, and the more people I offend the better.

Looking over some indie films that had budgets thousands of times that of my budgets, they never even made a splash. Some reviews on my own work picked up the influence by the work of Nicolas Roeg. After watching a rare interview about Roeg’s work recently, this has inspired me yet further.

On his new zombie film Deathfall:

Deathfall is by far the biggest film project I have ever taken on. Some scenes have over sixty actors.

Acactually, I really need some help from a 1st and 2nd Assistant Director, ideally based in or near Suffolk. This will need to be a collaboration of skills and talents, to get everything I have planned shot in this movie.

I’ve twenty main actors and actresses confirmed as cast, some I’ve worked with before, some new to me. I was stunned to be able to attach Sean Cronin to the film. I do plan some real cars stunts, a trademark feature in a Paul Easter film. Plus I have some perfect filming locations around farms and farmland. I can promise that this film will stand out from the crowded market place of recent Zombie films.

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