Communication professionals in Dublin can encounter a wide range of opportunities allowing them to specialize in their area. In this issue we suggest some tips that will help them a lot.


Many Spanish speaking students may find, as they mature, that the idea of studying abroad the Irish capital might not at first represent an immediately obvious option, but having analyzed careers, courses, prices and visa issues, may consider Ireland to be one of their best alternatives.


When one arrives in Dublin whatever one may have read about or any preconceptions of the city are forgotten, these then transform into familiar streets, buildings and very friendly people. For every student this is a wonderful experience, but for Spanish-speaking journalists it representing an endless source of emotions to recount.


If you want to specialize in any area of journalism in Dublin offers many options, from Masters in Business, through Media, Film, Travel, Gastronomy and Imaging. One website that will be of a lot of help and where one can locate information for students from outside of the European Community, is that of the Irish consulate for international students, where you will find information regarding schools, visas and jobs.


On the other hand, if you want to validate your degree in journalism in Ireland, the most convenient option is to visit ,

This Website contains interesting information relating to processes required to certify your primary degree in the Irish education system. Having completed this step, assuming a reasonable command of the English language, you can surely find work in your area, anywhere in Ireland.


Additionally, there are other job opportunities for journalists who have yet to validate or that lack advanced English. In this case one might choose to seek employment in media aimed at a Spanish-speaking audience. Surely by such means one can employ one’s journalistic tools while improving with additional English language exposure.


To all journalists who find themselves on Irish soil, wish you the best of luck in your professional field in this country, in one of the most cultural cities in Europe and with a rich literary tradition rich in spirit and with ample opportunities.
Good Luck!


Katiluz Garcia Lanz.

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