The 10 jobs better paid and the racing that can study.

  1. Investment Banker: work on average 15 hours a day, including weekends, mergers projects, offering of shares on the stock market, where there is a lot of money and very little time to be realized. Many of these gentlemen breakfast, lunch and dinner to work, to get home when everyone is asleep. What careers can you follow? Administration , Economics , Accounting and Finance , and International Business .
  2. Chief Creative Advertising Agency : is responsible for the creation of concepts and ideas in a melodic get tattooed in the brain of consumer brand advertisers. Working in advertising can study the career of Communication Sciences . Here you can learn more of what makes a creative advertising copywriter :


  1. Ambassador : Featured in Madrid, Paris, Washington. A good salary, free house, a beautiful city, invitations to the best events and high social recognition. You attend parties and meet people from all over the world. Your job is to improve civil and commercial relationships in your country. A rather noble purpose. What to study? Law’s career .
  2. director private school in Lima : the most expensive and exclusive schools , pay salaries to its directors comparable to that of a middle manager in a multinational. The good news is the schedule. They usually work from 7:30 to 2:30 pm, during school time. And when school is out? … Holidays!
  3. seller a successful product : there are many success stories of vendors Telecommunications and Technology companies. Same with those who started the network marketing direct sales companies. Emerging businesses are very profitable for those with skills in sales. Race to study?? ‘s career Marketing .
  4. Cruise Worker: with facility for languages ​​and dedication to service, everyone can access to a cabin on a cruise around the world, food and a lucrative salary. It takes a willingness to work long hours. What to study? ‘s career in Tourism and Hospitality .
  5. Secretary General of Multinational Corporation Manager : this person is definitely one of the best paid per hour of work. Some of them work seven hours per day (50% less than many executives). It’s not an easy job. Few people qualified for this, a lot of sensitivity to the small details that make the difference in the busy life of a General Manager.
  6. Multinational CEO: requires a long list of qualities. In most cases, these people are growing on the basis of the results which are achieved. Studying a management career or even Industrial Engineering you can have this kind of career opportunities.
  7. restaurant owner of 5 forks : given the boom of the European cuisine, the restaurant owner is making the big money. The most interesting cases are likely to be those of the Chefs who are the sole shareholders of its restaurants. To study in college: Administration, Tourism and Hotel Management or Economics .


  1. partners in a law firm : the early years the lawyers work hard, but to achieve partner status could change things. The partner receives compensation for billing clients he brings to the study, but by a smaller percentage than other employees of the study draw.