Launching in the spring of 2017, a bi-monthly publication with a circulation of 10,000 magazines can promote your educational institution. Ecuador offers opportunities to bring students to Ireland, the UK, the USA, and other Anglophone territories across the globe.

padWhy is your third-level centre of learning a good fit for Ecuadorian students?

In Ecuador, students are required to meet a minimum level of English in order to enter many of the professions, including teaching. This necessity makes academic-related travel and study abroad very desirable. Thousands of Ecuadorians study overseas at university – and a million Ecuadorians are currently enrolled at third-level.

Education was criticised as a class-based privilege until recently – before Ecuador’s government highlighted this fault. With some 30 government-funded universities (including poly-technical institutions), and a similar number either co-private or fully private (71 all told), since 2008, education is considered a right in the country.

Third-level in Ecuador accounts for 3,681 careers, with 502,913 students, and 875 postgraduate courses being undertaken by 28,554 students.

There are 414,279 students in attendance, and 51,729 distance students.

Policy – both at government level and in the universities themselves – actively encourages travel. The state offers grants and incentives for further education. Under one such scheme, students are offered a travel-to-study deal where they attain a qualification abroad. On their return home, they must spend at least twice as long again in Ecuador, using the skills and knowledge from their degree in the Ecuadorian workplace or the academic sector.

Another state-run scheme promotes English-learning specifically, with a view to increasing the pool and competence of Ecuador’s English teachers. There are international aid grants available to Ecuadorian students, and both national and university based partnerships with colleges and centres of academic excellence in Latin America and Europe.

Ecuatorians community in Ireland

The Ecuatorians community in Ireland

Through Yeah! Ecuador, your institution of learning can be marketed directly to this country’s 500,000 students and – as we expand – to those of neighbouring countries such as Colombia.

Yeah! offers assistance to the students, with an office in Ecuador to offer the students all the relevant information for your university. We’ll act as an agent between you and the students. Our video and print technologies will promote your university to the students of Ecuador.

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Our Student consultancy Marketing & Recruitment team in Ecuador will guide potential students who require or wish to travel abroad for academic purposes. Yeah! Ecuador will attend or organise student fairs in Ecuador to increase the promotion of universities to prospective students who are interested in all levels of study overseas.

Meanwhile, our Ireland team will welcome – and temporarily accommodate if necessary – new arrivals, and assist them with contacts, coordination etc. We have Ecuadorians on our team in Ireland, and we will help the students to acclimatise easily. Our limited-time deal asks for a commitment of five months of advertising from any partner university or third-level centre of learning for the price of four. Contact Yeah! Ecuador now at or 0863367879.

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