A devastating earthquake caused shockwaves even among the Ecuadorian community in Ireland when it struck in April 2016. Causing 27,000 injuries and almost 700 fatalities, the quake was felt as far as Peru and Colombia, and caused damage across a vast area.

The fundraising efforts of the less-than-100-strong Ecuadorian-strong community in Ireland started almost immediately. Some had relatives and friends whose homes or neighbourhoods were destroyed in the disaster.

The culmination of fundraising led to a modest festival being held on the grounds and inside the inspiring venue of Christchurch Cathedral above Dublin’s River Liffey.

The charity now has plans to assist the nuns who worked alongside Derry-born Sister Clare (33), a victim of the earthquake who worked in a Playa Prieta school with the Home of the Mother order. Extending their bailiwick, the win_20161015_20_21_26_prosmall group has an eye on providing important healthcare and education services that were scant before the disaster, but are today non-existent. Re-establishment and improvements to such services, alongside construction work and other relief, are longterm goals of the group. Some of them have made the journey home in recent weeks to coordinate this project themselves.

If you’d like to contribute to their efforts, you can donate to the account that has been established for the purpose. The details are below:


NSC: 93-23-61

Account Number: 27884011

IBAN: IE69AIBK93236127884011