“Our collection is limited edition, custom made for older women. The collection is inspired by the way in which we still want to be fashionable during winter,” Dominika of DK House of Fashion explained, at the Sunrise Foundation‘s World Diabetes Day Fashion show at Dublin’s Hilton Hotel. “Our winter coats are warm but still very fashionable, showing off the ladies’ figures so they’re very fitted. We do custom-made designs just to give women the experience of having something bespoke made for their size and for their style.”
“We aim to make the women feel good – and still feel warm – during winter. What happens is you come to us in Tallaght Business Park. Our team sits down and draws a sketch of whatever design you like.
We then ask you to do fittings in order to do the design, which then takes up to two weeks to do, because it’s all handmade and made in Ireland.
“Then we do one more fitting and then you have a bespoke dress which is limited edition. You actually receive a certificate saying there are only a possible ten outfits like yours and because it’s bespoke it is likely to be unique.”
The fashion show event – organised by AC Matilda – is a yearly fundraiser for diabetes, and was held on Sunday 13th November. Proceeds from the event will go towards funding the Diabetes Centre at the Mater Hospital, Dublin. If you’d like to make a donation, please contact AC Matilda via her Facebook page.
You can find DK House of Fashion online here and on Facebook here.