The good people of Sunrise Foundation host an annual event on World Diabetes Day. This year, Dublin’s Hilton Hotel on the Malahide Road held the fashion show and celebration.

At the event, fashion designer Emma Curtis (whose design house is EmMarie) spoke with Yeah! about her work and range. With a string of accolades under her name as a student, and the Young Designer of the Year 2016 title at the International Achievers Awards in London, Emma and EmMarie show a lot of promise:

I launched my collection my Spring-Summer ’17 collection at London Fashion Week in September. I’m going to be returning to London Fashion Week again in February it’s great to be here today to show off my collection. I specialise in womenswear.

Have you trained anywhere?

I just graduated from St Angela’s College Sligo as a fashion and textile designer. This collection was inspired by dragonflies. The fabrics used are leather, suede and chiffon so it’s trying to bring the hardness of the Dragonfly and the softness of the wings into the collection. Looking at the beauty and colours of these creatures, each unique in their own way, and at the lifespan of a dragonfly, I discovered that they don’t live very long. So I designed and created an occasion-wear collection based on these ideas, my concept being to enjoy the occasion when you can, as life is so short. Considering our own lives and the one of a dragonfly I developed a fun, happy colourful collection. My motto for this collection would be “Let life take you and enjoy the occasion”.


Emma’s got some glitter effects on suede which gives it a very different look. More in the video!

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The fashion show event – organised by AC Matilda – is a yearly fundraiser for diabetes, and was held on Sunday 13th November. Proceeds from the event will go towards funding the Diabetes Centre at the Mater Hospital, Dublin. If you’d like to make a donation, please contact AC Matilda via her Facebook page.