Edlyn Denisse, a student from Mexico, has seen two sides of Ireland recently. In August, she posted the emoji-peppered details of a seemingly random assault by five Irish thugs, and her rescue by a fellow Latin American, Diogo Tedesco Bracho from Brazil.

“I’m a Mexican girl and yesterday I was outside of my job when I was assaulted,” she posted to a Brazilian diogo-post-assaultcommunity Facebook page, with an image of Diogo, who had cuts below his eye. “He didn’t know me and I didn’t know him, however he was the only person among a crowd of over 20 people that tried to defend me while I was being beaten by five people, he was beaten and injured as well.

“I have no words to thank what he did for me.

“I’m still in the hospital but after I will go to the Garda station and make a statement and hopefully they catch them, I’m very disappointed for what happened…

“Whatever they say the Brazilians have more human quality than any European that were standing up there. Many Many Thanks.”

Yeah! contacted Edlyn to ask for the details.


Edlyn with a plaster above her eye, alongside her friend Raquel

“I was working [in a convenience store on a very busy Dublin street] and those guys were drinking outside during the evening. They were making a mess inside and outside, throwing things at me and my work colleague. So I went outside to tell them to go away, and that we were going to call the Gardai. One of them tried to kick me but he was so drunk he fell down, so I got scared and I pushed him to get him away from me, and in that moment one girl started to shout at me ‘He is my boyfriend. I’m going to kill you,’ and started to hit me. She pulled my hair while another girl punched me in the face so my glasses broke and I was trying to cover my face.

“I was on the ground already, just realising that I was being kicked, and I don’t remember the details beyond that. People and the Gardai told me that were five kicking me while I was in the pavement.

diogo-tedesco-bracho“I remember that I stood up and tried to get away from them but they followed to continue hitting me. There were several people watching including my co-worker until Diogo and I think another guy tried to stop them. My friend Raquel arrived and shouted at them, and they ran up the street around the corner, and I don’t know what happened with them afterwards. They tried to escape or hide.

“Diogo was waiting with me or the Garda and the ambulance and another girl as well. Her name was Stella. Her husband tried to stop them as well. He wasn’t hurt thank God. Stella told me that I was bleeding. One side of my face was covered with blood.”

Her friend Raquel – having arrived during the attack and shouted them away – spent fifteen hours in the hospital with her, and who took care of her over the following days.

After the incident, she wrote to Diogo to see how he was.

“He said that he is getting better as well, and that if I needed anything he would help me for sure.”

We asked Edlyn what she thinks of Dublin after the incident. Has she been poisoned by the experience? She had also recently posted another story, related to an Irish traffic policeman:

“This morning, I was caught by a Garda on a bike, and he politely asked ‘May I have a word with you?’ the post reads. “So I stopped my bicycle and he said to me ‘You broke one rule of the road, you broke the red traffic light, for your own safety you have to be careful, a car could hit you.’ Also, he let me know how much a fine would be (45 euros). He was so polite that I actually felt bad to have done it. In the end he asked ‘Where are you from?’ And I said with a smile ‘from Mexico’ he continued on his way, saying ‘Buen Día be safe’… I said ‘Muchas Gracias’. While I rode off on my bicycle again, I stopped at the next traffic light because it was red.

“No bribe, no abuse on his part, he really is a good Garda.”

So there are good aspects to Ireland as well as the bad?

“I don’t think that Dublin is bad. I’ve also had great experiences here as I’ve met amazing people, but it is violent and I think is getting worse because the government keep giving money to those people even when they know that is for alcohol and drugs. They just let them be like that.”

Yeah! challenged Edlyn on this. Wouldn’t it be unfair to withhold benefits or other entitlements from people if the edlyn_denisseauthorities are not sure how the money would be spent?

“The government has the criminal records of these people for sure. I think that they should stop giving them money because also they know that the money is for alcohol and drugs. Instead they could invest more in staff, programs and rehabilitation centres.

“If people don’t have this money, perhaps they will commit crimes, but they will be caught and put in prison or on a programme where they can either heal or stay in jail. They have kids and those kids are going to be criminals as well. It won’t be easy but this is already out of control. For extreme cases, extreme measures. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think that is what I want to say!”